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Choreographer Dave Scott
EXCLUSIVE Interview!!!
The best movie choreographer in America and the choreographer of up-coming Sony Picture “Stomp The Yard”, speaks with aris-dance.com…

He has worked with the best and the hottest from B2K to Tyrese to Ginuwine and Brian McKnight, Bow Wow and Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski, in all areas of entertainment – TV, film, stage and video. A self-taught dancer who cites Michael Jackson as his biggest inspiration, Dave Scott began imitating the moves he saw in videos and film. Now, he finds himself being on top of his game when choreographing videos and film. He won an American Choreography Award for the #1 dance film in America You Got Served and the word in the street is that Dave Scott is choreographing another feature film, Weiners.

I met Dave one night in Atlanta at Bistro Apres Diem, where we shared a couple of drinks. He paid for it. Can you believe it? I usually end up picking the tab when sitting down with dancers and choreographers, but NO, Dave made sure we were all taken care of. What a classy guy! He was in Atlanta choreographing the movie Stomp The Yard, a movie about a troubled 19-years old stepping dancer from Los Angeles enrolling in the historically black, Truth University in Atlanta, Georgia.

aris-dance.com: Why did they change the title of the movie from Step Show to Stomp The Yard?

Dave Scott: Step Show sounded more tailored towards dance. The studio wanted the title to represent more of the films outstanding story as well as the dance.

aris-dance.com: How did you pick the talent for this movie? What type of dancer were you looking for this project?

Dave Scott: I was looking for more than just an outstanding dancer- I was looking for over the top personality. I searched for artists with collegiate and versatile looks for realness and the most important spirit. I look for great spirits and attitudes- that makes for a healthier work environment.

aris-dance.com: How did you budget the responsibilities of choreographing the dance sequences and the step sequences?

Dave Scott: I pulled all the dance sequences from the film and choreographed accordingly to have the dance tell a story. I have experience in juggling a mass amount of dance scenes in a film- though it’s a lot of hard work; I had a lot of great talent around to make it flow.

aris-dance.com: What were the hours like working on this project?

Dave Scott: LONG!!!!!!!! Rehearsals were 12hrs per day and shoot days were 12-15 hrs per day. So basically long- LOL!

aris-dance.com: Were all of the dancers familiar with stepping?

Dave Scott: Not all the dancer had knowledge of stepping. Some did step in college others had been in step shows- so it was a mixed.

aris-dance.com: What rituals and routines did you take the dancers through, to prepare them for this film?

Dave Scott: My rehearsals and the preparation for shooting was straight boot camp- you would have swore they were really pledging. Neither fraternity ever rehearsed together -which was good cause it formed a brotherhood between them and a true rivalry between the two fictious fraternities.

aris-dance.com: How did you handle the actors who may not have had much dance training? Was it challenging?

Dave Scott: There were only a few challenges and that’s only because stepping was a bit foreign but all the actors have a dance background.

aris-dance.com: Colombus Short danced background in You Got Served. Now, he’s lead male in Stomp The Yard. What was it like to see him progress into this role doing your choreography?

Dave Scott: When I first read the script Columbus was the first person that came to mind – he and I are good friends – so I watched him cross from dancing to acting- and with his background in the stage show “Stomp” it was a no brainer when I pitched him to Clint Culpepper (President of Screen Gems).

aris-dance.com: How do you think people will respond to this movie?

Dave Scott: I think people will laugh, cry, yell, and stand up and cheer when they see this film. There’s a definite message, which I think will have peeps stompin to the theater to see it more than once.

aris-dance.com: What advice can you give dancers who are trying to further their careers in dance and movies?

Dave Scott: This may sound a lil cliché but there will be many obstacles- Never Stop. You must be a character on top of your dance talent to make it in this industry- Personality sells!

aris-dance.com: How do you feel this movie will compare to your first smash hit movie You Got Served?

Dave Scott: As far as the energy level and intensity on the dance sequences, it’s up there with YGS, but it’s a total different film with a different message.

aris-dance.com: What’s next for Dave Scott? Anything you can tell us about Weiners?

Dave Scott: I’m currently working on a three part instructional series that’s gonna blow everyone’s mind and I have a couple of other Big surprises I can’t disclose at the moment but you’ll hear- as for Wieners- funny film- I choreographed a break out comedy dance performance that I guarantee will have the world cracking up – the movie stars are Zach Levi and Keenan Thompson.

CHECK ” Stomp The Yard” TRAILER HERE>>>

aris-dance.com: Thank You!
By Herbert Bowens
exclusively for aris-dance.com

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  1. Ki'Ara Harris says:

    Stomp the Yard was a really good movie…you should come up eith another on like that…like a part 2. People breaking up and have to chase her. Or they compete in different competions and lose people are getting hurt. Have to ask the crew they won to “Wolfz” for help to beat the top stepping team in the U.S. you know

  2. Lupe Aguilar says:

    I am Recreation Supervisor in the City of Pico Rivera, we are located east of Los Angeles down town. I am looking for a Stomp instructor. Is there anyone who you can recommed who lives in the area? Thanks Lupe Aguilar

  3. Eleanor Reff says:

    Hello,Terrific blog dude! i'm Fed up with using RSS feeds and do you use twitter?so i can follow you there:D.

    PS:Do you thought to be putting video to your blog posts to keep the visitors more entertained?I think it works.Kind regards, Eleanor Reff

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  5. Jesse Harris says:

    Honestly I was quite displeased with Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming. Who created it? It couldn’t have been the same people from the 1st movie. The main character’s dance moves were WEAK! No wonder it didn’t make it to the theaters’.

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