Xcel Talent Agency

Xcel Talent Agency represents dancers, choreographers, and actors in a wide array of productions, including music videos, film, television, commercials, theatre, live shows, print, and artistic development. Xcel performers’ credits include the Beyonce Tour, Taylor Swift Tour, Usher Tour, Stomp The Yard 2, Step Up 3, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, VMA Music Awards, BET Awards, So You Think You Can Dance Canada and So You Think You Can Dance Poland, The FedEx Orange Bowl Halftime Show, The Gator Bowl Halftime Show, Sunday Night Football, Mc Donald’s Commercial, NCAA March Madness Commercials, Georgia Lottery Commercials, Nike Commercial, and AT&T Commercial among others. We take pride in connecting the best individuals to fit the exact needs of producers, directors and choreographers for locally, nationally and internationally mounted productions. Visit http://www.xceltalent.com/ for more information.



12 Responses to Xcel Talent Agency

  1. Janay White says:

    Love the agency! I would just like more information about the agency and how do you get agent if you could with excel… Thank u

  2. JS says:

    Is it possible to seek representation from xcel while currently under representation of another agency? I auditioned for Xcel once before last November!

  3. dancer says:

    i think they only work with exclusive people.

  4. Briona says:

    Is the kids deparment having any auditions because I would really love to try and get a agent

  5. JS says:

    Exclusive meaning?

  6. Bri says:

    How do get into xcel talent Agency????

  7. joshua says:

    I start dancing in age of 7 born in St.Louis Mo. Now in atlanta i can start dancing and choreography in atlanta because is the best place in the ATL because is my home of Music Entertainment Capital Of The World. That's why i love atlanta.

  8. Before i ever become a dancer and choreographer i would like to be instructed, and learn to learn groupdance and professionally. I wanted to learn professionally to order to dance in music videos and others before getting into that entertainment world. What best dance studio in atlanta that's as aris dance and xcel talent agency?. see you in 2009.

  9. j 41 shoes says:

    Thank you for developing this website. The stories here are worth reading many times over in order to refresh us time and time again to do good and positive things and inspire or influence others to do the same.

  10. I really love dancing same as I like music. Listening to music makes my heart beat faster.

  11. Nicole Hinton says:

    Could I get some information on dance auditions

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